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Silva Kompass Compass C58, Schwarz, One size, 30-0000035730
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Silva Kompass Compass C58, Schwarz, One size, 30-0000035730

100 Lumen46 Meter SichtweiteIPX6 Wasserfest4 x AA Batterien im externen BatteriefachA vehicle compass specially designed for 4WD and any small craft including motor boats. Steering compass that can be mounted on almost any vehicle or boat. Built in declination compensation up to 40 degrees. Equipped with lighting. Para-gliding, white-water kayaking, 4WD racing, sea-kayaking and multi-sport. All are sports in which you can not afford to make major mistakes. Being off-track without a compass could definitely result in you ending up in great danger. Prepare yourself for your adventure with the ADVENTURE SPORTS COMPASSES! They are built for tough performance within each field of use. The Adventure 58 is built-in LED illumination of the compass rose and deviation compensator to compensate against surrounding magnetic fields that can influence it.Hersteller: SilvaBindung: Ausrüstung

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